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Boat Loans

Boat Loans

Many families dream of weekend excursions on the river or out into the open water, and the only way to accomplish this is through the purchase of a boat. The beautiful waters around Sydneyare calling, and this dream can be a reality no matter if you have bad credit, no credit, or a perfect credit history. When applying for boat loans, there are several considerations to keep in mind - cheap monthly payments, low interest rates, the purchase of a new or used boat, and your own financial situation are just a few that will come up during the beginning of your nautical adventures.

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Boat Loans and Purchase Considerations

It's not only the upfront purchase of a boat that you should factor into your budget. There are a variety of other costs associated with boat ownership that one needs to be aware of before beginning the shopping process. Many lenders offer a loans calculator function to assist in determining an approximate amount of financing you'll need to purchase a boat, and also estimate the amount of your monthly payments. In addition to these factors, there are other considerations to keep in mind.

Upfront Purchase Price

Whether you're looking at purchasing a new boat or looking at used boats, you want a good value, but you also want to find a cheapway to finance such a large purchase. To ensure you're getting a fair priced on used boatsor new models, visit several dealers to get a range of prices on the model or style you are considering, and understand that different dealers may have higher price ranges depending on the services they include with the purchase of a boat.

Operating and Maintenance Costs

Oftentimes this is where the purchase of new or used boatscomes into play. You must consider the economic impact of fuel costs compared with the boats cursing speed, and you should also look at the manual for the boats to determine fuel efficiency. Many newer boats may be more efficient than older models, but will come at a higher cost and those with bad creditor no credit may struggle to find finance options with appropriate low interest ratesthat fit into their budget.

Also consider yard and marina fees, trailer costs for towing, and a storage area for when the boat is not in use. In addition, there are operating costs depending on the type of boat you do purchase. Used boatsmay be simpler to run, but they may be more expensive to maintain. Smaller boats can save money than larger styles depending on what you plan to do with the boat. This is also something you must consider before beginning shopping for new or used boats.

Commercial Boats

The same considerations must be taken into account when looking to purchase commercial boatsfor tourism, fishing, diving or other excursions. If owning a business where the boat will be used, you must factor in higher insurance costs to cover any accidents that may happen while performing business operations, and how to protect yourself and your business from the impact of lawsuits as well as other considerations for business operations.

Boat Loans, Interest Rates, and Balancing Budgets

Whether you'll be purchasing commercial boatsfor use at your business, or you're looking at used boatsfor weekend outings on the water, you'll need financing advice, support, and cheappayment options to fit into your budget restrictions.

Approaching your bank or credit union is one way to find finance for the purchase of a boat, but marine companies are more familiar with the particulars of boat ownership and could provide more support for financing your investment. Many specialists working for loan firms are also familiar with the ins and outs of ownership, and can assist you in financing low interest ratesfor the term of your loan.

For any type of loan origination, a credit checkwill be required but having bad creditdoesn't automatically disqualify you from being able to purchase new or used boats. There are many second chance finance options available depending on your situation, and often times these can still offer a low interest rate and affordable payments throughout the lifetime of your loan.

Types of Boat Loans

As with other loans, there are two main types of boat loans you can pursue when seeking financing. The two types of loans are:

  • Unsecured Boat Loans- using a Loans Calculator, you can get an estimate of your monthly payments if you decide to take out an unsecured loan to purchase your boat. Unsecured loans are flexible as no security or collateral is required to initiate the loan. These loans are often given to those with very sold credit history, or granted for types of boats that don't meet secured loan qualifications. Interest rates are slightly higher, but full payment of the loan can be done at any time without risk of incurring additional fees.

  • Secured Boat Loans- the money borrowed with a secure boat loan is backed by some type of collateral, typically the boat you are purchasing. These loans offer lower interest rates and protection through the lender in case of borrower default or inability to pay. There may be fees if the boat is paid off before the scheduled term ends, and if you trade-in the boat or purchase a new on the balance must be paid off at that time and a new loan must be originated.

Depending on your financial situation, bank officers or loan originators can help you decide which type of loan is best for you and the vehicle you decide to purchase. Despite the results of a credit checkshowing you have bad creditor no credit history, there are other options available which can be discussed during an appointment or when you begin shopping for new or used boats.

Need Finance has a variety of loan options and qualified professionals on staff that will help determine the best loan for your financial situation. We can provide low interest ratesand cheap monthly payments through the life of your loan. Whether you're in Sydneyor the surrounding areas, our financial professionals are here to support you in the purchase of your new investment. Contact us today for more information.