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What Type of Car Finance is For You

Car Finance

Are you fed up of going to and from places via public transportation? Do you want to replace your old car? Do you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle?

The only solution to all these is to get a car loan - that is if you do not have enough funds to buy a brand new car. You can obtain a car loan. Lenders offer different types of car finance for new and old cars.

Buying a car is not really a very simple decision to make. Of course, it is because a huge sum of money is involved. In fact, this is considered one of the most expensive items people purchase, aside from a house. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that you are getting the best deal in financing. Here are some of the most renowned car finance options:

Cash or Savings

If the interest rates are low, it might be that the savings in the bank or building society account is not earning pretty well. Thus, instead of keeping the money and loaning cash at higher rate of interest, you have the option to use some of it to buy a car. But, you have to make sure that you have left money in the account in case of emergencies. If you do not have any savings in your account to buy a car, you can end up paying for a big deposit.

Personal Loan

If you carry a good credit rating, you can consider getting a bank loan, or loan from a building society or finance provider. Nonetheless, you need to be careful to ensure that your house is not going to secure the loan. You need to avoid putting your house at risk because you might lose it if you fail to pay.

To acquire the best deals, take some time to search and shop around. By doing this, you can compare the APR or annual percentage rate, that features charges which you have to pay out including the interest.

There are tons of benefits from personal loan. It can be arranged online, over the telephone or in person. Plus, the loan can cover the entire or a part of the cost of the car. When you look around, you can benefit a great deal from the competition of rates and interests.

HP or Hire Purchase

Financing a car through HP is popular among a lot of buyers. HP is paid in installments with the payments being stretched to over 12 up to 60 months. Most of the time, the customer is required to make a 10% deposit. The dealers often arrange this type of financing, and they are very competitive for new car models. The vehicle will act as the security, so the customer doesn't own it until the last payment is settled.

This offers multiple benefits. One would be that it is easy and very quick to arrange. Also, it requires low deposit and has competitive interest rates. Moreover, this financing method offers flexible terms which often range from a year to 60 months.

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